#ootd #ootdetails
Top: #taobao
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Taobao
Bag: #mansurgavriel – Tote

• • •

Sweaters and mermaid sequined skirts on Monday. Come at me, new week.

(No don't actually pls be kind to me, new week #humji)

of the undermining of
democracy &

If you only read one thinkpiece on our upcoming presidential election, do spend a few minutes reading this one.

on Singapore’s presidential election

Every bit of political messaging, every sound byte emanating from the Orwellian top, had me wondering: is this Pravda, is this Newspeak, am I living in some parallel universe? Does the government really think we are that stupid?

One of his many painfully accurate and astute observations of this embarrassment of an election. It really is an excellent read.

Oh Singapore, you are my greatest love. We're better than this, you know? We can be, at least. We should be.

• • •

Back to regularly scheduled frivolous programming. #escapist #sianhalf #sianWHOLE

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